Literary Award

The Literary Award will recognize and encourage excellence in otorhinolaryngic (ORL) nursing publication. Writing for this scholarship award is one opportunity to bring expertise to nurse colleagues and to advance the practice of ORL nursing.
Award Announced at Annual Congress ~ Cash Award

New Author Award

The New Author Award will recognize and encourage the contributions of an author publishing for the first time in a peer-reviewed journal. Writing for this award will facilitate professional growth and dissemination of information pertinent to the ORL specialty.
Award Announced at Annual Congress ~ Cash Award

SOHN Congress Poster Awards

These awards are made possible through the contributions given to the Ear, Nose, and Throat Nursing Foundation to support SOHN members committed to advancing the practice and science of ORL nursing. Poster categories include research, quality improvement, evidence based practice, and education. The Poster Award winners are selected on established criteria by a panel of SOHN member judges.

Poster Awards Submission Documents

E-mail SOHN headquarters if you have additional questions

Excellence in ORL Nursing Award (Clinical)

The SOHN Clinical Excellence Award is to recognize and reward SOHN nurses who have consistently demonstrated excellence in the delivery of skilled and compassionate care to the ORL-Head and Neck Patient.
Nomination Deadline ~ July 1st ~ Cash Award & Plaque
To complete your application please click here

Honor Award

Many of you serve SOHN in countless ways.

Get a copy of the Honor Award form and begin to tally your points. After you have reached 10 points (which can be over any length of time) send it in for the award!

Application Deadline ~ July 1st ~ Certificate

Honor Award Criteria

Honor Award Application

If you have questions, please contact SOHN.

Outstanding Service Award

The Outstanding Service Award is founded to be the highest service award the Society can bestow. Its purpose is to recognize and express appreciation for special contributions of service by members.
Award Announced at Annual Congress.

This award was established in 1985. To date, 31 members have been honored with this award.

Outstanding Service Award Recipients
  • 2022 ~ Michele Farrington
  • 2021 ~ Karen Ulmer
  • 2020 ~ Vinciya Pandian
  • 2019 ~ Maggie Wallace
  • 2018 ~ Terri Giordano
  • 2017 ~ Erin J. Ross
  • 2015 ~ Sharon Jamison
  • 2013 ~ Kari E. McConnell
  • 2011 ~ Lenore Harris
  • 2010 ~ Rosemary Buzzelli
  • 2009 ~ Carolyn Waddington
  • 2008 ~ Ann P. Luther
  • 2007 ~ Linda Miller Calandra
  • 2006 ~ Cindy J. Dawson and Ann E.F. Sievers
  • 2005 ~ Ann McKennis
  • 2004 ~ Victoria Soward
  • 2003 ~ Denise Wood
  • 2002 ~ Helene J. Krouse
  • 2001 ~ Janice Adams, Mary Huntoon and Jill Lancaster
  • 1999 ~ Susan Rudy
  • 1998 ~ Heather Rebic and Cindy Tucker
  • 1997 ~ Lorie Sparacino
  • 1994 ~ Connie Yuska
  • 1993 ~ Kaye Meehan
  • 1990 ~ Penny Fisher
  • 1988 ~ Linda Schuring
  • 1987 ~ Barbara Nolan
  • 1985 ~ Anne Bigelow, Carolyn Croft, Sandra Schwartz and Barbara Sigler

Friend of SOHN Award

Established in 1983, the Friend of SOHN Award is the vehicle for recognizing and expressing appreciation for special contributions to SOHN by non-members.
Nominations submitted in writing to the President by December 15thPlaque Presented at Annual Congress

Friend of SOHN Award Recipients

2021 ~ Dr. Michael Brenner

Presidential Award

This is an award given at the discretion of the President to a recipient deemed by the President to have made distinguished contributions to the life of the Society or to have provided meritorious service on behalf of the Society. The recipient may be a member or a non-member of SOHN.
Award Announced at Annual Congress

Midwinter Board Meeting Guest Attendee

An opportunity to see the inside workings of the SOHN Board. Sponsored in part by the Council of Past Presidents.
Application Deadline: November 1st

To request an application and/or information please contact SOHN here.