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Core Curriculum for Otorhinolaryngology and Head-Neck Nursing – 3rd Edition

This text is designed to be used by ORL-HN nurses. The book provides an overview of all aspects of nursing practice for the patient with an otolaryngologic problem or abnormality. It provides a foundation of knowledge for generalist and advanced practice nurses working in every ORL-HN practice setting. In addition, it serves as a basic text for students, nurses, administrators and nurse educators.

The newest edition includes updated content, new chapters, and is accessible by electronic download only. That means minimal wait times to receive your electronic copy, easier accessibility, the ability to search for key terms and phrases, and the ability for purchasers to print out as needed.


ORL - Head and Neck Nursing Journal

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Maria Colandrea
Cindy Dawson
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Beth Grabiak
Wendy Lord Mackey
Laurie Newton
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Erin Sarsfield

ORL – Head and Neck Nursing Journal is a peer-reviewed journal.  Each submitted article deemed appropriate for the journal by the editorial staff will be peer-reviewed prior to acceptance and publication.  Peer review is completed by a minimum of 4 SOHN member reviewers with expertise in the submitted journal content.  Peer reviewers are identified through SOHN’s Special Interest Groups which encompass the broad range of ORL sub-specialties and practice settings: otology, allergy and sinus, head and neck, facial plastics, gerontology, military nursing, advanced practice nursing, pediatric nursing, office based nursing, peri-operative nursing.  The Journal’s editorial staff will communicate and mentor authors as needed through the process.

Our editorial staff welcomes articles related to otorhinolaryngology and head and neck oncology nursing practice including original research and review papers, clinical case reports, data descriptor articles (these articles must point to dataset that is publicly accessible), and descriptions of clinical or surgical procedures. Please reach out to headquarters with any questions, [email protected]

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Potential authors, please download the submission guidelines and forms. Return all forms and manuscript for consideration to SOHN via email to [email protected]

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Call for Manuscripts on "Social Determinants of Health in Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Nursing"
Call for Manuscripts on "Pediatric Otolaryngology"

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