Health Policy and Advocacy

Health Policy impacts the Nursing Profession, the way nurses practice, and the lives of the patients nurses care for. Our education, training and lived experiences as nurses provides us with important insights that can be crucial in shaping policy solutions to improve health and health care in America. As the largest and most trusted group of healthcare professionals in the Country, nurses must learn to exercise the power they have and bring positive change to the policy arena. Nurses, make your voices heard!

If you have any questions, Contact the Health Policy and Advocacy Chair – Bryan Facione, MS, ACNP-BC, CORLN

Follow these quick steps:

Go to the website. Use this site to help you identify your representatives in the U.S. House and Senate and put their contact information in your cellphone for easy access. Also, sign up to follow them on any of the social media platforms you frequent. Engage with them on issues you care about it. You can also use this site to learn about legislative efforts of interest to you.

Go to your State’s legislative website. Identify your State Assemblyperson and Senator. Put their contact information in your cellphone too.

Go to your State’s Nursing Organization website. What advocacy efforts are they engaged in? Join the organization and join in!

Go to the American Nurses Association website. Learn what advocacy efforts are they engaged in? Join the organization and join in!

Flex your Leadership muscles. Look for opportunities to advocate or lead in your workplace and/or your community. Join in!

For more information, read through the SOHN Legislative Toolkit and explore the other links listed on this Health Policy and Advocacy Committee page.

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