SOHN President's Message

Thirteen years ago, I started on a new journey as a nurse practitioner in otolaryngology. As a novice provider, I sought opportunities to increase my otolaryngology knowledge and skills. It was during this quest that I stumbled across the Society of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Nursing (SOHN).  I found a tight-knit community of professional nurses and nurse practitioners who welcomed me like family. Joining this society proved to be the best decision for my professional development, growth, networking, and my ability to provide high-quality patient care. Being a member of this amazing community of specialty nurses and nurse practitioners sparked my passion for otolaryngology―a passion that I recognize within every member.

SOHN members stand out as the most passionate and dedicated professionals I have ever known. Their dedication revolves around elevating ORL nursing through evidence-based care, advocating for otolaryngology patients, and sharing expertise through leadership, advocacy, education, and networking. These membership characteristics are imperative to growing and persevering as a professional organization. SOHN leadership is committed to growing membership, providing exceptional educational opportunities, and strengthening committees, specialty interest groups, and financial status. Priorities include updating the ORL Scope and Standards of Practice, increasing the volume and quality of manuscripts published in the ORL Head-Neck Nursing Journal, increasing educational opportunities to meet the professional development needs of our members, and increasing funding to the Ear, Nose, and Throat Nursing Foundation (ENT-NF) lectureships and scholarships. 

I am confident that SOHN will continue to empower members to fulfill the mission and vision of the organization. With the continued support of members like you, SOHN will continue to persevere and achieve incredible accomplishments in the future.



SOHN President 2024-2025